Family Seeks Damages After Reckless Driver Flees the Scene of an Accident

On August 28, 2018, our client was driving down Jackman Road when he was suddenly rear-ended by a reckless driver. The force of this collision caused this motorist to crash into a pole, where he subsequently fled the scene on foot.

It was later discovered that the fleeing driver’s mother had entrusted her son with her vehicle, despite his history of negligent behavior—including driving while intoxicated, speeding, failing to stop after a prior accident, and more. The mother then tried to report her car as stolen, after realizing that her son had gotten into an accident using her vehicle and fled the scene.

Once our client was rushed to the hospital, the doctors treated him for injuries to his back and neck. For these sustained injuries, he has incurred and will continue to incur numerous medical costs.

In addition to filing a claim against the reckless driver for both medical costs and pain and suffering, our client is also suing the defendant’s mother for her negligent behavior in loaning her son her vehicle with the knowledge of his history of careless and reckless driving.

Furthermore, we have helped our client’s wife and children file a lawsuit against the two defendants. In their lawsuits, they claimed that, as a result of the driver’s recklessness and his mother’s negligence, they have been deprived of their spousal and parental consortium. As a result, they can no longer live the lives they once had.

Lastly, our clients filed a claim against State Auto Insurance for uninsured/underinsured coverage, because the reckless and fleeing driver did not have sufficient insurance to cover all of our client’s damages and medical expenses.

Overall, our clients are seeking damages of over $25,000.

Seeking Counsel after a Driver Flees the Scene

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident where the reckless and at-fault driver fled the scene, you might benefit from reaching out to one of the attorneys at Charles E Boyk Law. We have a team of experienced professionals that may be able to investigate your legal circumstances and help you take legal action.

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