Nose Bitten Off By Family Friend’s Pet Dog
Our client was visiting a family friend who owned an English Springer Spaniel. As our client was leaving, he bent over to pet the dog. At that time the dog lunged at him attacking his nose and  tearing off his right nostril. Our client was rushed to two different emergency rooms and ended up at the Cleveland Metro Level 1 Trauma Center. As a result of the bite our client underwent two surgeries which consisted of a paramedian forehead flap procedure to repair his nose. He has taken several trips to Cleveland for treatment resulting in considerable lost time from work. Our office pursued a claim against the homeowner’s insurance achieving a very large policy limits offer to resolve the case and help our client put his life back together


Client Undergoes Unnecessary Treatment As A Result Of False Cancer Diagnosis
Our client was falsely diagnosed with cancer by Dr. Daniel Castro, a former doctor at Bronson Battle Creek Hospital. Dr. Castro was indicted by a federal grand jury on almost three dozen counts of healthcare fraud. According to the indictment, Dr. Castro would perform surgeries on patients who didn’t need it and billed patients for more complex treatments than they received. Our client was a victim of Dr. Castro’s fraudulent practice. Our client was falsely diagnosed with throat cancer. He had his saliva glands removed, at least 30 treatments of radiation, and was on a feeding tube for a considerable length of time.


Front Seat Passenger Suffers Fractured Vertebrae After Vehicle Travels Offroad
Our client was a front seat passenger in a vehicle travelling westbound on US 23. The driver of the vehicle lost control and drove off  the roadway, striking a culvert and a tree before finally coming to rest. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a fractured lumbar vertebra, requiring surgery. He is continuing to seek medical treatment and faces another back
surgery. Our office achieved a large policy limits offer which helped ease the financial burden on our client and his family which was caused by this accident.

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