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Settlement – 22-Year-Old Man Killed in Tragic Head-On Collision

In May 2020, our young client was on his way to work in Wauseon, Ohio, when he was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. As our client was properly traveling along U.S. 20, the defendant driver, an 87-year-old man, was traveling in the opposite direction. Prior to the collision, the defendant had been following behind two semi-trucks. Disregarding the well-known risk of passing multiple semi-trucks at a time, the defendant driver attempted to pass both semis at once. Traveling on the wrong side of the road as he attempted to pass the semis, the defendant struck our client head-on at approximately 60 miles per hour. The crash was so catastrophic that both our client and the defendant driver died at the scene.

Our client was young, and just starting out in his life. He had a job he loved and was working in the field of his dreams. In just a short time he had gained an excellent reputation at work. Our client had just purchased a brand-new car that he drove with so much pride, as the car to him symbolized success as a result of all his hard work. Our client was survived by a large family, friends, and coworkers who have deeply grieved his loss. He was described as a person who brought love, joy, and laughter to all those who came across his path.

We were contacted by the family just days after this horrific accident occurred and our team worked to help the grieving family through this difficult time by ensuring they got the justice they deserved. Through a successful negotiation, we avoided the need for our client’s family to have to endure stressful and lengthy litigation. There is no amount of money that can take away the pain that our client’s family has endured, but we were successful in reaching a settlement that will assist our client’s family as they move forward.

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