Current Cases Wrongful Death

$ 1,005,000
Wrongful Death Auto Settlement

Wood County women killed on Route 6 in 2017 after defendant crossed the center line. Her husband was taking her to work in snowy conditions and was also injured.

$ 500,000
Man Killed in Horrific Junkyard Explosion

In November of 2017, our client’s 41-year-old father was working at a junkyard cutting parts off a pickup truck with a torch. As he worked that morning, gasoline vapors ignited and erupted into a blazing fire and an explosion so powerful that it shook nearby…

$ 488,135.21 
Settlement – 22-Year-Old Man Killed in Tragic Head-On Collision

In May 2020, our young client was on his way to work in Wauseon, Ohio, when he was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. As our client was properly traveling along U.S. 20, the defendant driver, an 87-year-old man, was traveling in the opposite…

$ 300,000
$300,000 Settlement – Young Father Dies in Accidental Shooting

In February 2013, our 24-year-old client was shot and killed in a tragic accident when an evening at a friend’s house to enjoy an evening of playing video games with friends took an unexpected turn.

Policy Limits
Wrongful Death Auto Accident Settlement

72-year-old Seneca County man killed instantly when car crosses center line in 2018.

Policy Limits
Policy Limits Motorcycle Wrongful Death Settlement

In Toledo, a 32-year-old mother of 4 is killed in a motorcycle accident.

$ Confidential Settlement
Confidential Settlement – Young Father Dies a Hero Trying to Save a Drowning Child

Our attorneys worked tirelessly to ensure that this grieving family got the justice they deserved.

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