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Confidential Settlement – Man Electrocuted In Work Accident
Wiring Electrical Electrician Worker Wires Man

Our client was instructed by his boss to stand in a debris-littered bucket of a backhoe so he could be lifted between nine and eleven feet in the air to fix some low-hanging cable and telephone wires. His employer never instructed our client to wear a safety harness, and while he was attempting to fix the wires, he came in contact with an energized electrical line and suffered a severe electrical shock – all while his boss was allegedly on his cell phone.

7200 volts of electrical current went through his right hand and across his chest before blowing out his left wrist. He was thrown out of the backhoe bucket and fell several feet.

Our client sufferedd cardiac arrest and was defibrillated three times before his heartbeat was restored. He was taken straight to the hospital, where he remained in an induced coma for 28 days following the accident. He then spend an additional 87 days in the hospital enduring a slow and painful recovery.

Our firm was able to obtain a confidential settlement for our client that was able to compensate him for more than $1 million in medical bills and his pain and suffering.

Confidential Settlement

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