Current Cases Workplace Injuries

$ 600,000
Worker Injured On Crane Hoist Endures Years of Suffering

Our client was on the job, working as a laborer for a farm co-op when he was asked to make a repair to the grain silo. He was placed in a bosun chair with a harness and was suspended from a crane by a third-party…

Workers’ Compensation Claim and Personal Injury Lawsuit Arise From An Automobile Collision on State Route 101

On a spring afternoon our client was traveling, in a company vehicle, along State Route 101 in Margaretta Township, Erie County, at a speed of approximately 50 mph. Another driver, operating an employer-owned-truck full of iron, failed to yield while exiting a private drive and…

$ 400,000
Construction Accident Settlement

Construction manager falls off roof of building while climbing down a ladder set up by a subcontractor.

$ 392, 807.78
$392, 807.78 Settlement – Man Falls Through Roof While on the Job and Sustains Serious Injuries

In 2014, our client sustained serious and permanent injuries when he was injured while on the job. Our client worked as a laborer for a metal roofing company in Wood County, Ohio, where he reported to various work sites throughout Northwest, Ohio. On the day…

$ 325,000
$325,000 Settlement – Man Severely Injured in Workplace Accident Due to Negligent Employer

What started out as a normal day of work quickly turned into a day our client will never forget when he sustained severe and permanent injuries from a workplace accident.

$ 300,000
$300,000 Settlement – Utility Worker Suffers Brain Injury and Severe Injuries When Negligent Driver Hits Him in Construction Zone

In April 2019, our 24-year-old client’s morning at work quickly turned tragic when he was seriously injured. Our client was working as a flagger for a construction crew in Ashland County, Ohio when the accident occurred. The road our client and his team were working…

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