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$325,000 Settlement – Man Severely Injured in Workplace Accident Due to Negligent Employer

What started out as a normal day of work quickly turned into a day our client will never forget when he sustained severe and permanent injuries from a workplace accident. Our client was employed on a concrete pouring job that his employer had been contracted to perform by the defendants. That day, our client was tasked with operating the concrete hose used to distribute the concrete. Another company, named as a defendant in this case, was responsible for delivering the concrete in an aerial concrete pump truck that was owned by one of the defendants. Due to a delay of approximately half an hour in delivering the concrete to the work site, the pump truck sat idle and this caused the concrete to harden. Without performing necessary safety checks, a negligent defendant restarted the aerial concrete pump without cleaning out the hose or checking for debris such as hardened concrete. Unfortunately, the concrete pump hose was plugged with hardened concrete after sitting idle. When it was turned on, pressure continued to build up until it suddenly whipped violently around and flung our client into a concrete wall, causing loss of consciousness and other severe injuries.

At the hospital, doctors determined that our client had a traumatic brain injury, several broken ribs, an injury to his back, a spinal injury, and a collapsed lung. In addition to the physical injuries our client sustained, he also suffered from severe psychological impairments after the accident. Prior to the accident, our client was a healthy and able-bodied man. Now, he now has depression, anxiety, mental deficits, and continued pain from his injuries. Nearly five years after the accident, he was found to still be “completely unemployable” due to the severe and persisting nature of his injuries.

Our client and his wife contacted the Charles Boyk Law Offices to assist them with the aftermath of this traumatic accident. On behalf of our client, we filed a lawsuit in the Lucas County Common Pleas Court against several defendants, though trial was successfully avoided as we were able to obtain a large settlement for our client.

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