Boyk Law Clerk Publishes Article in UT Law Review

Jesse Scott, our most recent Law Clerk, had an article published recently in The University of Toledo Law Review, a journal dedicated to producing legal scholarship.

Jesse’s piece, titled “Maximum Security, Minimal Appreciation: The Unique and Necessary Mission that Ohio’s Maximum Security Prisons Accomplish and How to Improve Departmental Success,” was published in Volume 53, Issue I of The University of Toledo Law Review.

Before attending Law School, Jesse worked as a Correctional Officer within the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (“ODRC”), at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. SOCF became arguably the most infamous state maximum-security facility in the nation, following a riot that began on Easter Sunday 1993, and lasted eleven days. The riot resulted in the death of eight inmates and one Correctional Officer. Jesse recognized that much of the scholarship being produced was by academics who have never worked within the confines of maximum-security facilities, and only had an outside-looking-in view. Conversely, Jesse possessed knowledge and experiences of the inner workings of maximum-security facilities, coupled with an understanding of the law.

Jesse also served on the Executive Board of the University of Toledo Law Review as Managing Editor. He is graduating from The University of Toledo College of Law with Honors in May 2022 and will sit for the Ohio Bar Exam in July.

Once admitted to the Bar, Jesse will begin practice and join a small firm in his hometown of Portsmouth, Ohio. Jesse hopes to represent his local community, while forming a specialization in criminal and correctional law.

The staff at Charles Boyk Law Offices congratulate Jesse on his graduation and wish him good luck on his upcoming Ohio Bar Exam and future career.

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