Bowling Green Truck Accident Settlement Process

For many victims of truck accidents, a settlement can provide fair compensation without the stress of a trial. However, negotiating this settlement with the insurance companies can be a long, stressful process. Thankfully, a dedicated personal injury attorney could help.

If you need expert guidance through the Bowling Green truck accident settlement process, contact a lawyer today. They could serve as your advocate every step of the way and fight for fair compensation on your behalf. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.

Issues During Settlement Negotiation

Settlement negotiations after a truck accident do not always go smoothly, and the parties often disagree on issues of such as liability and damages. For example, the insurance company could dispute the role of pre-existing medical conditions, whether the injuries were approximately caused by the accident, or the believability of witnesses.

Even if the parties agree about who is at fault for the accident, they may disagreement on an appropriate value for the settlement. For example, the defendant may argue that a victim’s pain and suffering was not severe, so the value of damages should be lower. When negotiating a settlement, almost anything can be disputed.

Because of these issues, there can be a substantial difference the value the defendant and victim think are appropriate. Unfortunately, these disputes cannot always be resolved outside of court. In this case, the victim and their truck accident lawyer may decide to go to trial.

Receiving the Check

After the settlement is negotiated, a person will normally receive the check within two to four weeks. This can seem like a long time to wait, but experienced Bowling Green, OH attorneys may have some options to speed up the process.

To receive the settlement in a more timely manner, they can add in a clause that the money has to be received within a specific period of time. In some cases, they have been successful in negotiating that the check has to be delivered within seven days.

Also, personal injury attorneys often request that victims give them the power of attorney. When they receive the check, they can sign and deposited it in the bank immediately. For clients who live far away, this saves them the time of overnighting the checks back and forth.

Discuss Your Settlement With a Bowling Green Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accident victims sometimes receive settlement offers from insurance companies without filing a lawsuit or retaining a personal injury attorney. Although these offers may seem like quick relief, it is important to keep in mind that accepting a settlement means your case will be 100% over, and you cannot go back and change your mind. All too often, insurance companies make unfairly low offers to protect their own financial interests.

To make sure the insurance company is offering you a fair deal, let a skilled attorney guide you through the Bowling Green, OH truck accident settlement process. Knowledgeable attorneys understand what your case may be worth, and they could be your advocate in negotiations with the at-fault party. Call today to set up a free case review.

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