Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against The Texas Department Of Transportation

A wrongful death lawsuit is underway against the Texas Department of Transportation involving an auto accident on December 17, 2008. The lawsuit was filed by the family of Ramiro Reyes. Mr. Reyes passed away when his truck skidded and hit a guardrail, then a pillar, and the hit fellow plaintiff Manuel Maltos as he was attempting to drive on the Interstate ramp.

Upon investigation of this accident, it was found that the Department of Transportation sprayed the roads six hours earlier with a de-icer in the preparation of freezing rain that never occurred.

The police responded to almost 400 wrecks that day while the average number of crashes that normally occur is only 140 per day. When police officer Christopher Richter arrived on the scene he requested that the Department of Transportation pour sand over the sticky substance that was covering the road. Officer Richter also testified in court that the ramp was at a slight incline down and just standing still he was sliding on his own about one or two feet. This case is still ongoing.


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