Woman Injured In Fulton County Dog Attack

Woman Injured In Fulton County Dog Attack

A woman has been seriously injured in a dog attack in Swan Creek Township. The result of the attack includes bites to the woman’s face, leg, and arms.

The dog bite attack happened on Tuesday morning as a 59-year-old woman was visiting her neighbor’s house. She had walked into the neighbor’s garage and was attached by two bulldogs. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office has said that the attack happened just before 9:30 a.m. and no one was home at the time.

After the dog bite attack, the woman went home and her husband called 9-1-1. She was taken to the hospital due to the injuries from the dog bites.

It has been reported that the incident is still under investigation at this time. Our office’s thoughts are with the woman as she recovers from her injuries. We have seen how serious dog bite attacks can be and are hoping she is able to recover quickly from the bulldog bites.

Dog Bites in Ohio

Our law office has written several posts about dog bites and the legal claims that victims are able to follow. We would advise the victim in this specific dog bite attack to contact a dog bite attorney as soon as possible, ensuring her legal rights are protected.

What many people do not realize about dog bites is that they can be very serious. There are also studies that show certain types of dogs are more dangerous than others. We highlighted the danger that dogs can pose in a blog post, Dog Bite Attacks in Ohio, calling attention to not only the 1,000 people that require treatment for dog bites every day, but also the dangerous breeds. Read the full blog post here.

We believe it is important to educate our readers of the dangers that certain dogs can cause, as well as the steps to take if they do suffer a dog bite.

The first step a dog bite victim should take is of course to seek treatment. The damage that dogs can cause is very serious and often needs to be cared for immediately. After medical treatment is sought, the victim should file a police report. Dogs that are considered a danger should be reported to the local health department. Filing a police report not only helps to prove that you were in fact bitten by the dog, but also prevents future harm to other individuals.

The third step that is absolutely imperative for dog bite victims to take is to contact a dog bite attorney. In the event that a dog bite attack is serious and a claim will be filed, you need the guidance of an experienced attorney who can make sure you receive the settlement that is deserved.

To read the full post on steps to take after a dog bite, click here.

You can speak to one of the dog bite attorneys at our office by calling 800.637.8170. You will have the opportunity to go over the incident with them and receive the proper legal guidance. We also recommend requesting a copy of The Ohio Dog Bite Book which can help you to better understand the situation that you’re in.

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