With Hunting Season Comes Many Precautions


Ohio is overpopulated by deer and has become a major part of the deer hunting season.  Today, white-tail deer hunting gun season has officially opened.  The season lasts a short time and has many restrictions on the amount of deer taken and shot per hunter per season.  Becoming aware of the many safety precautions and regulations will help a hunter stay away from any fines or safety hazards resulting from failure to comply with these precautions and regulations. One major safety regulation is that all hunters are required to wear hunter orange during any time of the designated hunting season.   The clothing must be a vest, coat, jacket, or coveralls that are a solid hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange.  The color is a major hunting criterion to keep hunters from shooting another huntsman by accident.  It is unlawful to not wear one of the items listed above.

Additionally, deer hunting permits are required along with an Ohio annual hunting license.  You may purchase different forms of deer permits, such as either-sex deer permit or an antlerless deer permit.  The type of purchase purchased determined when hunting season begins and ends for that individual hunter.  Also, be aware that if you are hunting with a gun, you should know the specific gun hunting seasons. Ohio deer-gun season is expected to bring about 420,000 hunters to the area this year.  According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife, the hunting week begins November 26th and runs through December 2nd, also extending an extra weekend on December 15th-16th. This year, hunters are urged to donate any extra venison to organizations, assisting Ohioans in need.  Hunting provides an extra $859 million economic impact each year in Ohio from the sale of equipment, fuel, food, lodging and more.


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