Tips For Ohio Deer Gun Season

Ohio Deer Gun season opening day is today, December 2 and lasts until December 8. Hunters are able to hunt 30 minutes before sunrise and an additional 30 minutes after sunset.

Deer hunting is a popular activity in Ohio and the ODNR Division of Wildlife expects 80,000-90,000 deer to be harvested during the hunt. There will be about 420,000 hunters expected to participate in the hunt, many of which will come from out of state.

Safety precautions are very important for hunters during the season. Some of these safety precautions include wearing required hunter orange clothing, using a safety harness while in a tree stand, and handling their firearms safety.

Read more about Deer Gun season safety tips and what to do if you are injured while hunting.

Dan Small of Discover the Outdoors shared 10 tips for hunters during Firearms Deer Season. We have summarized those tips below for all Ohio hunters.

  1. Make a checklist

List everything needed for the hunt, including everything from your gun, ammo, and rope to toilet paper. Write down your list early so you can add things in before you begin the hunting season. As you gather all of your things, preparing for the season, keep them all in one place so you’re ready to go.

  1. Use the wind

Deer pay attention to the wind, so gun hunters should too. If you are hunting from a tree stand, get in the downwind or crosswind. You can hunt into the wind as well. If it is a windy day, you can sometimes walk right up to a deer.

  1. Do not stink up the woods

Shower before you hunt and avoid scented deodorant and aftershave. Make sure your hunting clothes do not have the smell of any non-woodsy odors. Mask unnatural odors by stepping in deer droppings or manure before going to hunt.

  1. Hunt in a small area

Most deer live within a square mile or less. Pick a small area, get to know it, and hunt it.

  1. Do not do lunch back at the truck or camp

Carry a drink and sandwich with you. When walking back to your truck or camp to eat, you move deer with you. You may even shoot some deer as you eat!

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