Will My Case Go To Trial?

A common thought by many accident victims as they pursue a work injury claim is whether or not their case will go to trial. Attorney Mike Bruno recently answered this question in one of the videos on our YouTube Channel.

The first thing that Attorney Mike Bruno says is that statistically speaking, the chances are that your case will probably not go to trial. The reason is that a majority of cases are negotiated and settle a long time before you will make it to the court house. If you and the insurance adjuster agree on a settlement amount, with the guidance of your attorney, there is no reason to go to trial. On the other hand, if you and the insurance adjuster do not agree on a value for your case, the next step is then taken by your attorney to file your case in court.

Even after your case is filed in court, it still does not mean that you will go to trial, it just means that the stage has now been set to ask the judge or jury to award you a sum of money. There are many steps to go between the filing a lawsuit and a court case in the actual trial. Attorney Bruno says of the cases that are filed, no more than 5% actually get tried. Most of them are settled to the satisfaction of the accident victim long before they go to trial.

If you were injured at work and wish to pursue a claim against your employer, the first thing you should do is contact a lawyer for guidance. If you have more questions similar to this one regarding the likelihood of your case going to trial, feel free to call our office at 800.637.8170. You can also visit our YouTube channel to watch more videos that highlight the workers’ compensation claims process.

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