Kassidy Fowler, Week #3 Bikes for Kids 2015 Winner

Kassidy Fowler, 10, was nominated for Bikes for Kids by her grandmother, Nancy Asher. Learn their story and why Kassidy works hard to prove that friends with Down Syndrome are no different than anyone else in the world. Kassidy’s friend, Anna, is cared for by Kassidy’s mom and Kassidy never hesitates to help.

Kassidy and Nancy’s NBC 24 Better Living feature on July 1, 2015

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Grandma Nancy Asher’s Bikes for Kids nomination of Kassidy:

My Granddaughter is a blessing to all that meet her. She has twin sisters who are 3 years old, and she is always helping her mom out with them. And she doesn’t complain about it! She is an excellent student and the teachers just love her! She is a very compassionate girl who helps her classmates out no matter what. My daughter babysits a girl named Anna who has Down Syndrome and Kassidy is excellent with her. She always makes Anna smile. And she helps me around my house with cleaning, gardening, washing dishes and taking care of my dog Pablo. And she loves the outdoors. She is always outside playing. I could go on and on. Kassidy is very deserving of a new bike.

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