Top Ten Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Top Ten Safety Tips For Construction Workers

Since construction season is now in full swing, we felt it no better time to share the top ten safety tips for construction workers!

A majority of the construction accidents that occur are in fact preventable, so it is imperative for workers to be knowledgeable of the safety measures that should be taken. Our office believes the first step toward reducing the number of construction accidents and fatalities is to educate the industry’s workers!

Top Ten Construction Safety Tips

Tip #1 – Get on and off equipment in a safe manner

When getting on and off equipment, check gloves and boots, clean mud and use “high grip” gloves for a secure hold. Always use a three-point stance and use the entire hand and food to grip. Do not carry objects when climbing.

Tip #2 – Remain centered during loading/unloading equipment

Ensure that you are centered on the ramp when loading and unloading equipment. Use a spotter for guidance and keep people away from the sides of the machine during the process.

Tip #3 – Ensure people are cleared away from operating machinery

People must stay clear of the machine operating area. Warn people to stay back and operators must always check before backing up the machine.

Tip #4 – Rope of swing radius around machines

Allow no one within the swing radius of an operating machine.

Tip #5 – Use caution when operating on slopes

Coming down a slope is much different than going up a slope. Know the limits of the machinery being operated.

Tip #6 – Be aware of obstructions

Mark overhead and underground obstructions, including utilities, such as electrical lines and sewer lines. Continually use caution even when lines are marked.

Tip #7 – Use caution when backing up

It is safest if the operator of machinery gets out of the machine and looks before backing up. Do not trust the reverse alarms of the machine to clear the way. Use mounted cameras to help assess the area.

Tip #8 – Always wear a seat belt inside machinery

A seat belt could be the thing to save a worker’s life in the event that their machine begins to tip. Wear the seat belt when the cab door is open or closed.

Tip #9 – Never lift a load over people

There are several things that could go wrong if a load is lifted over people. Never do so.

Tip #10 – Follow Lock-out/Tag-out provisions

Any raised object should follow the LOTO provisions. All pinch points of the machine should be identified and protected and the safety crutch should be functional and used as well. Always review manufacturer directions and manuals that point out safety features, best practices, and efficiency measures.


These top ten safety tips for construction workers can help to prevent accidents and save lives.

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