Thousands Of Teen Workers Injured Every Year

Thousands Of Teen Workers Injured Every Year

Workplace injuries do not happen to adults only. Teens also suffer injuries while working and in the workplace environment. New research shows that approximately 20,000 teen workers are injured on the job with 88 of those workplace injuries tragically being fatalities every year.

Workplace deaths and injuries can be a result of a wide range of things. These things include poorly regulated work environments, defective work equipment, and insufficient training. Out of all of the teen jobs available, farming appears to be the most hazardous as the highest number of injuries and wrongful deaths come from that profession.

The research also found that 26 percent of all employees younger than 18 worked at least part of their work day without adult supervision and almost 1/3 of them reported having had no safety or health training what so ever. This is troubling information. Without proper training, it is only a matter of time before an injury occurs at work.

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