Spring Break Driving Tips

It is the time of the year when families flock to southern states for a week of warmth. With Mother Nature failing to cooperate here in Ohio, a week of Florida sun is on many family’s minds. A good majority of these families will choose to drive to their destination instead of fly. For all those that are choosing to do so, our office wants to remind them to follow the following 5 safety tips.

Spring Break Driving Safety Tips:

  1. During this current time of transition, it can be snowing one day and shining bright the next.  We remind you to be prepared to drive through icy or snowy conditions during your trip. Don’t pack the winter safety supplies beneath all of your bags. Keep it easily accessible.
  2. It is likely that you will come across patches of fog during the trip and we remind you to be careful. If it is foggy, turn your lights on low beam, reduce your speed, and be patient. if driving Refrain from passing lines of traffic when it is foggy.
  3. Do not use your cruise control if the roads are wet. The National Safety Commission reminds us that just after it begins to rain, the roads may be extremely slippery. There is oil and grease that rises on top of the water on the road, acting almost as ice.
  4. Be cautious of potholes that have yet to be fixed by road crews. If you cannot avoid the potholes altogether, be sure to not brake while you drive over them. If you do brake as you travel over a pothole, your tire may slam into the edge of the hole with extreme force, possibly causing damage to your vehicle.
  5. Service your vehicle before your trip. Ensure everything in the vehicle is working properly before taking it across the country. A simple check-up could prevent several issues. Make sure that everything from the windshield wipers to the tires are safe, as dealing car problems is not something that you want to do while you are supposed to be vacationing.


If you are a safe and defensive driver you should arrive at your destination as planned. Have fun on your spring break vacation and create memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime!


Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC