Safe Drivers Safe Roads

As of September 24, 2012, traffic fatality cases have dropped nearly one third of what it was a decade ago.
Last year the state of Ohio recorded much fewer traffic fatalities, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Also, seat belt use is at an all time high of 84%. Drunk driving cases are low now as well. The Dispatch states that even with this remarkable reduction in accidents and traffic violation, less police officers have been patrolling the roadways.Better driving habits and cautions will help keep the roads much safer.  Always remember to wear a seat belt and only focus on driving.  A big issue a lot of companies are backing up is the no texting law. Statistics have shown that tragedies often occur from drivers trying to multitask, and that most accidents could probably be avoided if the driver was paying attention and not trying to do something else. How would you feel if you caused an accident and seriously injured someone all because you were distracted by something else other than the road in front of you.

Leave us your comments on how to make the roadways safer and become a better driver.

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