Recall: Bassinet Maker Violates Safety Standards

Recall: Bassinet Maker Violates Safety Standards

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall of about 1000 units of “Multipro Baby Cradle N Swings” bassinets.

In 2014, the CPSC implemented federal safety standards for bassinets and cradles. The standards are designed to prevent entrapment, falls, asphyxiation by soft bedding, accidental folding and more. All manufactures are required to meet the stringent safety standards in order to sell bassinets or cradles in the U.S.

Unfortunately, it was determined that Multipro’s bassinet failed to meet the mandatory federal safety standard and poses fall and entrapment hazards to babies.
Since 2010, CPSC the CPSC has identified at least 70 injury incidents involving bassinets and cradles. Thirty-eight of the incidents were fatal.

Safety Tip: Bassinets and cradles are designed for babies under 5 months old, and who cannot push up on hands and knees. Parents and care providers should not continue to use these products beyond their intended age or weight range.

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