Ohio Wrongful Death Lawsuit Underway For Child Fatal Drowning

Ohio Wrongful Death Lawsuit Underway For Child Fatal Drowning

Of all the many types of accidents that the Toledo injury attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices handle, amongst the most devastating are those involving the youngest victims. The most vulnerable in unexpected incidents, Ohio child accidents can happen at any time, in any place.

Such is the case of a young Ohio girl who died in February in 2009 after drowning in a septic tank. The wrongful death trial for Alisandra Galvan is now underway – she was playing in the family backyard when she disappeared. After volunteers gathered and began searching for her, Alisandra’s body was found drowned in a septic tank. The family had only moved into the home just a month prior and were renting from the Risenhoover family.

Child drowns in septic tank
Upon discovering the septic tank, it was missing a cover. After beginning to drain the tank, crews made the startling discovery of finding the little girl’s body along with the plastic cover at the bottom of the tank.

According to the law, the homeowner is responsible for ensuring that the tank is in safe working order. Upon investigation into the case the police did find that the cover was too small for the opening and speculated that when the child stepped on it, it fell in. Although the Risenhoovers’ were told in 2008 that their lid was not up to standard and that they needed to have it replaced, but because of the cost they chose not to. As a result, it is possible that they could be held liable in this wrongful death case.

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a third-party, do not hesitate to explore all of your legal options. Contacting an experienced Ohio wrongful death attorney can help the family navigate the painful process of filing an insurance claim, but also to best represent the victims in all their legal affairs. Should the case of Alisandra resonate with yours, contact a skilled lawyer today!

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