Nurse Files Lawsuit For Yaz Related Injuries

A South Carolina nurse, 33, joins many others in filing suit against Bayer because of injuries related to Yaz. In March 2008 she was prescribed Yaz for the treatment of acne. Bayer claimed that Yaz was a great treatment for acne, but they did not mention that the FDA had not approved Yaz for that sort of treatment. In 2008 the FDA warned Bayer about confusing and misleading consumers about the benefits of Yaz.

After taking Yaz for several months the SC woman began experiencing pain in her left shoulder and was having a difficult time breathing. She was diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs. After being hospitalized and treated successfully she was released from the hospital. Just a short time later though she had to undergo surgery to have her gallbladder removed as a result of gallstones because of Yaz.

Bayer is responsible for compensating the woman for the injuries she incurred because they did not fully release the risks of taking Yaz. Our Ohio Yaz injury lawyers are experienced and prepared in this kind of case. They can work for you to get you the compensation you deserve.

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