Nurse Charged With Assaulting Patient At Ohio Nursing Home

Nurse Charged With Assaulting Patient At Ohio Nursing Home

A nurse at the Ohio Veterans Home in Perkins Township has been charged with abusing a patient on Christmas Day. The nurse, Karin Serdynksi, allegedly struck and pulled the hair of an 83-year-old resident.

The Ohio Veterans Home police Chief, Gabe Ferencz said that the resident had refused to take his medicine and spit it on the nurse. After the nursing home patient spit the medicine, the nurse struck and pulled his hair.

A hospital aide saw the incident of abuse and stopped the assault. The aide then reported it to the supervisor who contacted Veterans Home Police Department.

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The abuse resulted in bruises on the resident’s arms, along with several scratches on his head. The injuries are thankfully minor and the resident was treated by the home’s staff.

The nurse who has been at the Veterans Home for four years has been charged with assault and patient abuse which are fourth-degree felonies.

Our thoughts go to the resident involved in this incident. This type of thing can cause both physical and emotional trauma and we hope that they have fully recovered.

My Family Member Has Been Abused at Nursing Home

Nursing home abuse is an ongoing issue that many people are not aware of. Oftentimes if residents are being abused in their nursing home, family members do not know.

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When family members become aware of any type of nursing home abuse, it is imperative that they first report it to the police and then contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can help you seek justice for the pain and suffering that your loved one has been put through. You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible, allowing them to begin to work on the case and ensure that your family receives the compensation deserved for such a horrific experience.

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