Motorcycle Season In Ohio: What Are Ohio’s Motorcycle Laws?

Motorcycle Season In Ohio: What Are Ohio’s Motorcycle Laws?

As the weather begins to warm up and motorcyclists get ready to hit the road on their bikes, our office wanted to share the various motorcycle laws that can affect motorcyclists and others on the roadway. Our Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers have compiled a list of laws related to motorcycles in Ohio.

Motorcycle Temporary Permit

To obtain a temporary permit, an individual must visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and take a written test. The temporary permit is then valid for one year. The minimum age to receive a Temporary Instruction Permit is 15 ½ years old and the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles advises applicants to pick up a Motorcycle Operations Manual and the Ohio Digest Motor Vehicle Laws to study and take the practice online test in order to prepare for the written test. Read more about obtaining the temporary permit here.

Motorcycle Endorsement

In order to receive a motorcycle endorsement, an individual must complete a knowledge test and vision screening. There are online practice tests provided by the DMV to help prepare applicants. To take the skills test to receive your motorcycle endorsement, you must have a valid Ohio driver’s license, a validated temporary permit, an approved helmet, eye protection, and a street legal motorcycle that is in safe operating condition. To learn more about obtaining your motorcycle endorsement, click here.

Motorcycle Helmets & Protective Gear

Helmets are required for all motorcycle riders under the age of 18 in Ohio. If a motorcyclist has less than one year of experience operating the motorcycle, they must also wear a helmet no matter what their age. The passenger is required to wear a helmet if the driver is required to wear one.

Safety glasses or eye protection is required for all motorcycle riders, no matter what the age.

Ohio Motorcycle Safety Tips

We advise any motorcycle rider to be aware of the above laws, as well as the comprehensive list covered through our blog. We also believe it is extremely important for motorcyclists and passengers to be aware of the safety tips, which we recently highlighted in our post, Ohio State Highway Patrol: Motorcycle Awareness.

If you would like information regarding motorcycle accidents and what you should do if injured in an accident, as a driver or passenger, please call our lawyers at 800.637.8170. You can also request a free copy of The Ohio Motorcycle Accident Book by calling our office or ordering online.

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