Learn From This Driver’s Mistake!

A crash involving three vehicles on Wednesday morning can serve as a reminder to motorists in the Toledo area.

An accident near Alexis Road ended up backing traffic up on I-75 southbound because a driver of a car slid during the winter weather conditions the area was experiencing at the time. The driver ended up sliding into a semi-truck and then another semi ended up clipping the car.

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital but thankfully had non-life threatening injuries. Both of the semi drivers were injury free following the accident.

The reason why this accident can serve as a lesson to other drivers in the area is because it was caused by the winter weather. It is extremely important for motorists to adjust their driving during winter weather conditions, including snow, ice and other elements that affect our ability to operate our vehicles.

Defensive Driving in the Winter

We have highlighted the importance of defensive driving in our blog several times because we want to help prevent as many accidents as possible.

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Hit by a Car Who Failed to Drive According to Weather

If you were hit by a driver who failed to operate their vehicle according to the conditions of the roadway, call a lawyer. If you have suffered serious injury or property damages, you deserve compensation for the accident. By calling our office at 800.637.8170, you will have an opportunity to not only review the accident and ask questions, but to also receive a free case evaluation so you can decide which steps you should take.

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