Father Accused Of Child Endangerment, Putting Bag Over Face

As parents and experienced Ohio accident attorneys, the Charles Boyk legal team knows just how upsetting it is when a child is injured in any type of accident or negligent situation. The most depressing of these cases however, involve a parent or guardian that was the suspected cause of the child’s trauma–especially when caregivers are the ones who are supposed to provide for the youngster’s safety and well-being.

Such an example can be seen in the recent Ohio child injury case that charges a man of endangering the safety of his infant son.

According to reports from law enforcement officials, 41 year-old Kevin Clements has been accused of putting a plastic bag over his three and a half month-old son’s face. The infant’s mother came home to find her husband leaning over the bed and proceeding to pout a bag over her son’s face. Instantly, she leaped across the room and jumped on the bed, pushing him off of the infant. Although when asked what he was doing the father insisted he was only playing, his wife immediately called police.

A court document stated that the mother had a history of suspecting the father was abusing her infant son. Additionally, at the time of the incident there was a fresh bruise on the victim’s face, prompting further suspicion of abuse. After facing a judge, Clements was charged with child endangering. Although he posted bond and was released from jail, he received strict orders from the court to stay away from his son.

Regardless of whether it was a third-party or one’s spouse that caused the injuries, anytime a parent has a kid that is severely injured it is essential to contact experienced Ohio child accident lawyers immediately. Not only can skilled legal counsel be extremely helpful in helping to establish liability, but they can help the victims and their family navigate through the complex insurance claim process. Parents, don’t hesitate to explore all of your legal options – contact an attorney today!


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