Fatal Amish Buggy Crash Kills 2

A mother and her daughter were killed in a fatal Amish buggy crash with a truck on Saturday.

The accident happened in northwestern Pennsylvania and the victims, 34-year-old Mary Byler and her 11-year-old daughter, were killed in the accident. William Byler, the husband and father of the victims, was flown to St. Elizabeth’s Health Center in Youngstown, Ohio with serious injuries.

The Amish buggy collided with a truck driven by 36-year-old Mathew Coulter.

Police are currently investigating this accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Byler family during this tragic time.

Amish Buggy Accidents in Ohio

While we do not know the specific details of this accident, we would advise William Byler to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. If this accident was due to the fault of the truck driver, Byler would likely be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his wife and daughter.

This accident did occur in Pennsylvania, but there are Amish communities in Ohio that could also see the same type of tragedy. It is imperative for drivers to know how to operate their vehicles when traveling through Amish towns and communities to prevent any accidents of this nature.

Our office previously highlighted tips for driving through Amish town in our blog post. These include being very cautious when passing horse-drawn farm equipment, paying attention to the narrowness of rural roads, and keeping an assured clear distance.

We would advise anyone injured in an Amish buggy accident to hire a lawyer to represent them. They have legal rights to protect and should go about the legal process just as if they had been injured in a car.

For answers to any questions you have regarding Amish buggy accidents and the laws surrounding them in Ohio, call our lawyers at 800.637.8170. They are available to answer your questions so you can better understand the situation, as well as give free case evaluations.

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