Efforts Being Made To Include New Warnings On Yaz Labels

New safety information revealing the increased risk of blood clots in women has been added to the labels of Yaz and Yasmin. Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceutics has announced an updated label will be put on its products in the European Union (EU) as well, following the results of four epidemiological studies.

There were four studies done on the drugs Yaz and Yasmin, which resulted in the following conclusions:

  • Birth control pills, which contain the hormone drospirenone, are associated with a notable increased risk to women.
  • These risks include blood clots in the veins, which can lead to a pulmonary embolism or stroke.
  • Bayer, the maker of these two birth controls, found the risk of blood clots in Yaz and Yazmin users comparable to the risk found for women who use birth control pills with the same hormone.

The FDA has been negotiating with Bayer to update labels for Yaz and Yasmin in the United States. The new label should clearly outline the dangerous associations between the birth control pills and the increased risk of blood clots in women. Currently, the suggested change to the label information has not been released.

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