Do You Suspect Your Child Is A Victim Of Small Smiles Child Abuse?

If you suspect that your child was that a victim of abuse as a patient at a Small Smiles dental center, there are very important steps that you must immediately take.

We understand that this could be a very traumatic and upsetting revelation, but it is imperative that you seek out the information you need.

Following the proper steps after discovering your child was abused will allow you to determine your eligibility for a Small Smiles claims on behalf of your child. This monetary claim could potentially provide funds to compensate your child for any future dental treatment that he or she needs as a result of Small Smiles abuse, treatment for anxiety or fear of going to the dentist, as well as pain and suffering.

As attorneys who have helped many families deal with the aftermath of Small Smiles abuse, we are very familiar with what the parents need to do in order to preserve their right to a claim. These steps include:

1. Find out whether not the dental clinic where your child was treated is still open and operational, making sure to figure out whether they are under the same ownership as they were when your child was a patient there. Just because the doors are closed does not necessarily mean that the dentists are the same.

2. Obtain your child’s complete file from Small Smiles. This includes requesting any and all dental records, any consent forms that the parent may have signed as well as copies of any notes that the dentist or staff made.

3. Determine whether or not the treatment your child received as a Small Smiles patient was necessary. Typically this can be done by consulting with a pediatric dental expert who is familiar with the types of treatments kids should or should not have.

4. If it is determined that your child’s dental treatments were, in fact, unnecessary, the next step is to file a claim against all responsible parties. It is possible that defendants could include:

  • The small smiles clinic where your child was a patient
  • All dentists who treated your child
  • The parent company that owns and oversees the Small Smiles dental center operations
  • Insurance companies representing each of the parties mentioned above

5. Before accepting any settlement offers related to the claim, be sure to consult with an experienced Small Smiles child abuse attorney. The attorney will be able to tell you whether or not the settlement offer is fair and also be able to determine if anything has been accidentally left out of the claim.

We understand that completing these steps may be difficult, especially if the treatment occurred years prior. That is why the lawyers at Charles Boyk Law Offices, LLC offer complimentary case evaluations to help you learn your legal rights after Small Smiles abuse.

Not only can we help you determine your eligibility for filing a claim, but we can also take care of the lawsuit on your behalf. For more information, call 888.888.2110 and you will be able to request a free copy of our book, Small Smiles, Big Injuries: A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Small Smiles Abuse. Call or click today.

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