Deer Gun Season Rules Help Improve Safety

If you are taking part in Deer Gun season, remember the important rules that will help you and other hunters remain safe.

The Lancaster Eagle Gazette  highlighted the opening day of Deer Gun season, paying special attention to the rules that will help with safety. Below are some reminders to all hunters this week:

  • Remember that there are maximum kills for each hunter. Pay attention to the maximum in the country that you are hunting in.
  • You must have a deer permit to hunt, as well as a valid Ohio hunting license.
  • If you are hunting on someone else’s property, make sure you have a written note providing permission, signed and dated by the landowner.
  • Protect your license and permit by carrying in a protective pouch because they are not printed on weatherproof paper.
  • When you kill a deer, you must do the following:
  1. Make a game tag with your name, date, time and the county of the kill
  2. Attach the game tag to the deer where it fell
  3. Fill the deer permit in with the date, time, and county of kill
  4. The game check and tagging process must be completed by noon of the day after the kill. If a deer is killed the last day of the season, it must be check by 11:30 p.m. the day of kill.

Safety Tips for Ohio Hunters

Safety is very important as hunters go out in Deer Gun season. Below are tips that will help hunters stay safe in the woods this season.

  • Point the muzzle of the gun in a safe direction at all times
  • Be sure of the target and beyond. You cannot see behind a running deer on a hill or ridge top, so do not shoot in case another hunter is approaching.
  • You can be issued a violation if you do not have a plug in the shotgun’s magazine. This limits the firearm to three shots. Most guns need to be modified to be legal.
  • Wear a solid orange or hunter orange vest, coat, or overalls to cover the torso.
  • Wear a hunter orange hat

We remind all hunters to be safe as they enjoy Deer Gun Season. Not practicing safety while hunting can result in an accident that could seriously injury another hunter. Our lawyers have represented many hunters in the past who have fell victim to another hunter’s failure to follow safe hunting practices.

Injured by Hunter in Ohio Deer Gun Season

Our office has represented hunters who have been injured in accidents while hunting in season. We strongly urge all hunters to follow the above tips and act with caution as they get their deer this week. No deer is worth the injury of another hunter, so be safe!

If you or a hunter you know is injured by another hunter this Deer Gun season, call our hunting accident lawyers at 800.637.8170. Our office has handled cases such as this in the past; helping hunters to receive the compensation that they deserve for the injuries they’ve suffered. Feel free to give our lawyers a call to ask any questions you have and we can also give a free case evaluation.

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