Couple Awarded $ 5.7 Million In Utility-Truck Crash Suit

In a snowstorm two years ago a Southern California Edison truck rear-ended a family van. In the beginning of 2009 Manuel Ornelas had stopped his van in a safe and appropriate place to install snow chains on his car. The Edison truck weighing 10,000 pounds rear-ended his van, causing him to suffer severe back and pelvis injuries. The driver of the truck was a 23 year old, and he was found to be driving too fast for the dangerous conditions outside. He had also passed several signs saying chains required.

As a result of the crash, Mr. Ornelas who is an engineer for the California Department of Transportation is unable to work because he is in constant and intense pain. He now needs a cane to walk, has no control of his bowels, can’t sit for long periods of time, and can’t even pick up his children anymore.

The Jury awarded Manuel nearly $160,000 for his current medical bills and lost wages; $1.2 million for future medical bills and lost wages; $ 4.16 million for past and future physical pain and emotional suffering. His wife Corina was awarded $ 2,426 for medical bills and $ 200,000 for emotional suffering and for loss of consortium.

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