Columbus Native Hits Head While On The Job

While working under construction for a swimming pool at Denison University, a man from Columbus was injured on the job.

LifeFlight took the worker to Grant Medical Center via helicopter after he had fallen off of a 10-foot ladder and struck his head on the ground. A hospital spokesperson for Grant Medical Center identified the victim as Miguel Gamboa-Solis, 33.

The man was found unconscious by fellow workers and was then lifted out of the pool with a Stokes basket, which is a stretcher only used in difficult situations. It allows the neck of the injured party to remain stable as they are extracted from the scene.

Mr. Gamoa-Solis was laying tile work in the diving pit area of the pool when the ladder slipped and he fell and struck his head. Granville Township Fire Department chief Jeff Hussey responded to the accident and filed the reports at the scene. The worker was released the next day from the hospital. It is believed Mr. Gamoa-Solis will make a full recovery from the injuries sustained.

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