Children’s Toys Recalled

There are many different reasons as to why children’s toys get recalled. It is not very uncommon for a toy to be found in violation of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards. There have been many injuries and dozens of deaths caused by violations of the CPSC.
According to the annual report by CPSC, there were 68 deaths associated with nursery equipment, 13 deaths associated with toys, and 664 with sports equipment between 2006 and 2007.

It is crucial for parents to know about the products that have been recalled and deemed unsafe. Parents should be educated as to which products they bring into their homes. One things parents can do to is to read online reviews. Although this may be a cumbersome task, reading reviews before you purchase a toy can prove to be very helpful. They tell you how the product is made, other parents who own it and also if it breaks when used.

Another thing parents can do is to read the labels. Make sure the product is labeled non-toxic. This is extra important for parents with children who are at the age where they put things in their mouth. Paint, colors, and lead lace decorations can be a danger to children, even if they do not put it in their mouths.


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