Charles Boyk Law Office Bikes For Kids Contest

The Charles E. Boyk Law Office Bikes for Kids Contest has been an initiative close to the Toledo law office’s heart for many years. The contest, held for youth in the community, is hosted by the law office as well as Wersell’s Bike Shop. The purpose of this campaign is to reward the children in the community who have done a good deed or helped others in some way.

The rules of the contest were simple – we asked you to nominate a child who had done something that deserved a reward. We believe in giving back to those in the community who make it a better place and that includes children as they are often those with the biggest hearts. Check out our 2020 winners here!

Bikes for Kids Winner

The Charles E. Boyk Law Office has held the Bikes for Kids Contest in the past, calling attention to deserving youth in the community. To further promote the contest and ask readers to nominate children that they know, we wanted to share a past winner of the contest for 2010.

Zac Cavinee was the deserving recipient of a bike from the Bikes for Kids program in 2010. This is a young man who impressed our law office with his good deed, explained below.

In January 2009, Zac came home from school and wanted to talk about his upcoming birthday, although it was still five months away. What Zac told his mother was that he didn’t want to receive gifts for his birthday, but instead wanted the gifts to be in the form of money. While many young kids would then use this money for a personal gift that they choose themselves, Zac did not.

A school assembly about juvenile diabetes led to Zac thinking about two girls at his church, as well as his cousin, all who suffered from juvenile diabetes. The purpose of his birthday money would be to raise money to help them because Zac did not want them to be sick anymore.

Zac’s non-gift birthday part on May 23, 2009 raised just under $1,300. Zac said “Everybody should try giving at least once. It makes you feel so good afterward. Once you start, you won’t want to stop.”

Zac is an impressive young man and our law office was honored to award him a free bike as part of the Charles E. Boyk Law Office’s Bikes for Kids program. We look forward to meeting other extraordinary young children like Zac as we take submissions for Bikes for Kids 2014.

To enter a child who you think is deserving of a new bike from Bikes for Kids Toledo, go to and nominate them!

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