Charles Boyk Law Offices Holds Bikes For Kids Contest

The Charles E. Boyk Law Office is holding a contest for the youth in the Toledo community. The purpose of the contest is to award local kids for doing good things.

How does it work? Simply nominate a child who has done something that deserves a reward. The 2014 Bikes for Kids program awards children for doing great things for other people, something that our law office feels very strongly about.

The contest is sponsored by Wersell’s bike shop, as well as our law office. To nominate a child that you think is deserving of a new bike, go to

Boyks Law Offices Gives Back to Toledo

The 2014 Bikes for Kids contest is just one of the many things that the Charles E. Boyk Law Office does for the community. We believe that giving back to the community that we serve is very important, and it brings joy to our office. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a young child’s face as they receive a reward for something admirable that they have done.

In today’s world, we believe that good deeds shouldn’t go unnoticed, and this contest allows us to call attention to some of the youngest heroes in our community.

Other community support campaigns that our law office has held include the Good News, Good People campaign, as well as the Start High School Teacher & Student Appreciation year-long campaign. Charles Boyk is proud of this community and enjoys the opportunity to give back whenever possible.

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