Car Accident In Ohio Spring Snow Storm

This long and intense winter isn’t over yet for Northwest Ohio. Today the area is expecting inches of snow to accumulate throughout the day. The Lucas County Sherriff announced early Wednesday that the county would be moving to a Level 3 Snow Emergency at 7a.m. as local news stations reported the windy and snowy conditions present on the roads.

A Level 3 Snow Emergency means that the roads are closed to non-emergency personnel. You should not be out driving during these dangerous conditions unless it is absolutely necessary (i.e. an emergency exists). If you are out on the roads during this snow emergency, you are subject to arrest.

By this time of the year, it is safe to say that residents of our area are tired of the snow. Some may even be so over the winter that they think that the snow emergencies don’t apply to them since they’ve dealt with such horrible weather. We are hoping that this is not the case, but if individuals do feel this way, there is an increased risk of car accidents on the roads.

Driving During a Level 3

While a Level 3 Snow Emergency keeps many people off of the roadways, essential personnel are still expected to go to work. For these individuals, we have a list of tips to help them stay as safe as possible as they drive during the snowy and windy conditions.

  • Clear off your entire vehicle – don’t just clear off the windshield and windows, clear off the roof, the hood, and around your lights. When you begin the drive, the snow can blow back up onto your windshield from the roof of your car, causing you to be unable to see. It’s also important to make sure that your lights can be seen by other drivers, so clear the snow off of the lights as well.
  • Drive at a reduced speed – hopefully this is a no-brainer for anyone making their way out in this kind of weather, but we would like to reiterate this for readers. Please drive at a reduced speed in an effort to prevent accidents, even if you have 4-wheel drive.
  • Give yourself ample time – if you have to make your way into work, give yourself ample time. You do not want to be rushing to get anywhere on time when conditions are like this.

Injured in Accident during Level 3

If you do drive during the level 3 because you are an essential employee and you end up being involved in an accident and sustain injuries, call a car accident lawyer to help you. This type of accident can be confusing since the drivers on the road are meant to only be essential personnel, and the snow is very dangerous.

If you would like to ask our Ohio car accident lawyers about your options if involved in a car accident during a level 3 snow emergency, call us today. We would be happy to explain your options to make sure that you take the steps toward any compensation that you deserve.

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