Bowling Green, Ohio Texting While Driving Car Accidents

According to the Jere Beasley Report, a former marathon runner, James L. Caskey Jr., was hit by a car in 2008 while riding his bicycle in his North Naples, Flordia neighborhood. The 62-year-old died from his injuries.

The driver of the car was ticketed for failing to yield at a stop sign, was found guilty, and was fined. His licence was suspended for six months. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in state court which alleges that the driver was texting while driving. The texting-while-driving wrongful death lawsuit was filed in stat court. Flordia legislation is considering texting while driving, and if they do they would join 19 other states with texting-whie-driving bans.

The victim’s widow is suing the driver of the car, a pharmaceutical representative, and Astellas Pharma US Inc., which owned the car, for her husband’s wrongful death. The lawsuit alleges that the driver, who was working at the time, engaged in intentional misconduct or gross negligence, by texting on his phone when the crash occurred. The cell phone carrier’s records send messages to the minute and 911 calls are also recorded to the minute. These records will be evidence in the case.


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