Bayer Promoted Non FDA Approved Benefits Of Yaz

Bayer Promoted Non FDA Approved Benefits Of Yaz

It appears that sales representatives for Bayer were encouraged to promote Yaz for Premenstrual Syndrome even though this is not something that the FDA had approved. Yaz was approved for p the menstrual dysphonic disorder but not for premenstrual syndrome.

Bayer officials intentionally marketed Yaz birth control for unapproved uses. They mislead consumers about these benefits and downplayed the risk factors associated with their drug. Yaz birth control, Yasmin, Ocella and their generic forms have been linked to be causing serious health problems and issues in woman. Connect with our toll-free 800 number to request your FREE copy of our Yaz Birth Control Serious Health Problems Special Report to get more informed from the dangers caused by taking Yaz its generic forms.

Bayer is currently involved in over 10,000 lawsuits where women allege that the drug make failed to warn the public and medical professionals properly of the drug’s increased risk for causing blood clots. Yaz is also linked to causing stroke, heart attack, benign liver tumors, bleeding inside the brain, and high blood pressure in woman who take the birth control drug.

If you have experienced a blood clot or any other health complication because of Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella, you need help. Call our Ohio Yaz lawyers to get the settlement you deserve.

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