Auto Insurance Company Secrets

Here are a few tips about auto insurance you may not know:

1.) Good credit means lower premiums.
2.) Your vehicle affects your premium– if you drive a “high risk” vehicle, you’ll pay more to insure it.
3.) How you pay can affect how much you pay (lump sum, installments, online, etc.).
4.) What your policy covers might surprise you– for example, if your pet is riding in the car with you and you’re in a crash your pet is likely covered; however, not ever policy protects against damage caused by weather.
5.) Being the at-fault driver in an accident can raise your premium by as much as 40 percent.
6.) You have to purchase a specific rider to have anyone who borrows your car covered under your insurance.
7.) Your vehicle might be undervalued on your insurance plan, so if you total your car, you might not have enough coverage to replace it.
8.) The value of your vehicle, which might already be undervalued, goes down after accidents, repairs, etc.
9.) Over half of U.S. states (including Ohio) do not require that you pay sales tax on a replacement vehicle if you do total yours.
10.) If you cancel your auto insurance, you must do so in writing.

If you have questions about your auto insurance, call our Toledo Ohio car accident lawyers and we will be happy to evaluate your current plan and refer you to a reputable insurance agent if needed.

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