Attorney Charles Boyk Shares On The Link Between Granuflo And Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Last June the New York Times posted an article stating that the nation’s largest dialysis operator and supplier had failed to tell patients that one of their products is linked to an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

According to The Times, Fresenius Medical Care sent an internal memo about how improper use of their product increases a patient’s risk, but they did not warn other centers using their products about the said risks associated with Granuflo.

The New York Times goes on to state that the problem with this product is that Granuflo has more bicarbonate compared to other kidney dialysis products. Many doctors who use this have not been accounting for this extra when prescribing bicarbonate separately, causing an overdose which can lead to heart problems.

Recently, Attorney Charles Boyk shared on this situation. He stated that, “Fresenius had a duty to warn their patients of this potentially lethal risk. Their failure to do so has cost many people their lives. People have begun to take note and lawsuits are beginning to be filed in various states.”

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