Amusement Park Ride Case; Settlement Finally Reached

Some amusement park rides are safe but others can be “dangerous”. There is a recent case where a 13-year-old Florida girl who was seriously injured when she fell about 100 feet to the ground from an amusement park ride. The settlement was reached with Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells and it still must have court approval. The park was subject to a foreclosure sale which was held on October 19, 2010. The sale was to satisfy a more than $2.47 million judgment in favor of the bank against Anderson Amusements LLC and Extreme World Inc. The bank filed the foreclosure action in December.

The teenager, who was visiting the Wisconsin from Parkland, Florida, on July 30th, hit the ground in the free-fall ride after nets and air bags that were suppose to catch riders were not raised. She suffered swelling in her brain, multiple sever fractures of her spine and pelvis and lacerations to her liver, spleen and intestines. At press time she was still in the hospital in Florida. The ride was called Terminal velocity and it was made by a German manufacturer Montic.

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