Accidents When Truck Tires Threads Separate

Accidents When Truck Tires Threads Separate

It is very likely you have seen them when you have driven down the highway at some point. Large Semi-truck tires that have become detached, shredded and left in the roadway. Imagine driving behind or near a truck when the tire does become detached. It becomes a dangerous road hazard that can cause a serious accident.  The truck itself can lose control, the drivers around are at risk of colliding with the out-of-control truck or being hit by the debris of the tire separating. These types of events, especially when drivers on the road become hurt, bring up questions of who is at fault for a truck tire separation?

What Is the Cause of Tire Separation

Tire separation can occur due to a manufacturing defect. Tread separates when the belts underneath the tire’s treads comes apart, then the tread of the tire itself comes off.  In modern radial tires manufactured for trucks, tread separation is a specific problem unique to the steel belted radial tires that are better suited for the punishment of the long miles and heavy loads, but can over time have separation issues related to the excessive mileage demands they endure.

It is a very common problem with these tires that these separation events can take place. Typical truck tires are constructed with two steel belts wrapped around the tire. The tread then is attached to these belts. Finally these two features are bonded to the sidewalls. The manufacturing process must be done to exact specifications to avoid weak spots that can put tires at risk for premature failure.

The very nature of the truck tire is be on the asphalt of the road at high speeds under a lot of weight and pressure. Especially on hot roads the risks become even greater. We have all seen in the summer more shredded tires on the roads as an effect of this very problem.

In addition to the manufacturing issues, truck drivers and trucking companies are required to keep their vehicles in drivable condition. Failure to perform regular inspections and maintenance on the tires can cause the tread to separate, which can create dangerous situations on the road.

When a tire separates from the wheel it is a very dangerous condition that can cause serious accidents. Be aware that this hazard can occur at any time. A flying tread can hit your windshield causing it to break, or you can run into the thread  and lose control. Also the truck itself can lose control and collide with other vehicles. By the very nature of the size, weight and speed of a moving truck these accidents can become very serious.

Who Is Liable for Damage Caused by Tire Tread Separation

If an individual sustains injuries caused by tire tread separation, they may be entitled to compensation.  Who is liable for those damages depends on the circumstances of the crash, but may include:

  • Tire Manufacturer. Most tire blowouts result from defective tires.  As such, the tire manufacturing company is usually liable. In many cases, you can file a product liability claim against the manufacturing company for any defects. However, these product claims are very complex, and often require extensive investigations and expert testimony.
  • Trucking company. If a trucking company negligently failed to replace a truck’s tires in a timely manner, and tread separation results, then the company or truck owner may be for damages and injuries that result from an accident.
  • Tire repair company. If a poor tire repair contributed to the blowout, then the repair facility may be held liable, or at least partially liable for injuries and damages that result from a failed repair.

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