Accidents Caused By Large Trucks Part 8

Types of Spinal Injuries:


This is also known as tetraplegia. This is when there is an injury to any of the 7 cervical vertebras above the first thoracic vertebrae. This can result in loss of feeling and function of the arms and legs and can also cause severe pain, loss of bladder control, bowel control, muscle spasm, sexual dysfunction, loss of fertility, a shortened lifespan. This happens when the spinal cord detached from the shoulders or neck area. As a result of the spinal cord being cut it stops mobility and dulls the sensation and motor functions of the lower part of the body. Also you can have involuntary bodily functions including respiratory conditions, digestion problems, and it can cause excretion of body waste to be hard or even impossible. Quadriplegia can also be caused by an infection in the brain or spinal cord or loss of blood to the brain or the spinal cord

This is when you are paralyzed from the waist down. It is a result of damage to your spinal cord and can be total or partial paralysis. Usually this results in loss of feeling, loss of leg function and sometimes can cause an extreme pain and suffering and a stinging feeling from the pinched nerves. Usually causes a loss of bladder control, bowel control, spasms, usually causes changes in sexual functions and ruins fertility. There is usually a shortened life span associated with Paraplegia. Paraplegia can also be caused by an infection in the spinal cord or a loss of blood to the spinal cord
Herniated Disc & Bulging Disc

A herniated disc is also called a bulging or ruptured disc. These types of injuries are common in trucking accidents because of the g-forces associated with the accident. When a disc is violently forced out of its place it puts immense pressure on the spinal channel and therefore puts immense pressure on the nerves in the spinal column. The most common pains associated with this type of injury is back, leg, neck, and shoulder pain.
Back pain

This is a sign you may have a bulging disc, ruptured disc, or spinal cord injury and the pain is usually in your lower back. These discs usually herniated when you are involved in a low or high impact crash. Your spinal column discs are made to be flexible but the force of an accident usually causes them to rupture which puts massive pressure on the sciatic nerve. If the rupture continues for prolonged period of time it can cause chronic symptoms of pain or even a numbing sensation
Facet Joint Syndrome (FJS) & Chronic Pain

This is a condition that has to do with your facet joints in your spine, your facet joints are the areas that connect the vertebras in your spine, and your facet joints are just like your ankle, finger or elbow joints. Your facet joints are what allows you to twist, turn and bend, in other words they are what helps you from breaking in half. They deal with your range of movement, strength, flexibility, and integrity. One of the most common FJS symptoms is lower back pain. If your facet joints get injured in an accident they can develop arthritis and that can develop into chronic pain syndrome and cause a lifetime of pain and stiffness. Often when people who suffer from FJS walk they have to walk hunch backed

This is a common injury for this type of accident. The name comes from the fact that your head flings backwards and then forwards, this is a hyperextension injury from being flung forward and then a hyperflexion injury from being flung backwards. This can cause serious injuries to a person’s neck and upper chest; the damage can include intervertebral joint damage, disc damage, ligaments and cervical spine damage along with many other orthopedic injuries. Whiplash can also cause traumatic and mild traumatic brain injuries from contra coup and usually damages muscles and nerves. Ten percent of all traffic accident victims in the U.S. get whiplash every year, that is about 1 million people each year.

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