Word of Warning: Delivery Drivers

In an ever-changing world, do not expect insurance companies to stand still. This is especially true for anyone who drives his/her own vehicle delivering food as a side gig.

Our client was injured in an accident during a food delivery and was shocked to learn that her insurance policy had a coverage exclusion, “if the car is being used to deliver food for a fee.” The exact same exclusion was found within the liability, comprehensive, medical payments, collision and uninsured motorist coverages. It was as if she were driving without insurance, even though she was current on her monthly premiums.

Not all insurers are using this exclusion. Nor are all insurers completely transparent.

What to do? If you use your vehicle to earn extra money on the side:

  • Contact your insurance agent to make sure you are completely covered. Make an appointment to go over the policy.
  • If you purchased insurance without an agent, go online and review the complete policy for exclusions.
  • If you learn of such an exclusion, ask if the insurer could add a coverage rider to the existing policy. This would probably increase your premium, but you will be completely covered.


We are here to help. Let us know if we can be of assistance when it comes to your insurance policy.

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