For the surviving spouse in the Toledo wrongful death car accident case study, life was forever changed the night her spouse was killed because of the negligence of another. If you feel as though you have suffered a similar tragedy, it might be worth having an attorney review your claim and, if necessary, take steps towards litigations.

What Happened in the Toledo Wrongful Death Car Accident

This particular case was a wrongful death case, and the attorneys represented the surviving spouse of a young male who had attended a well-known community event in Toledo. The victim attended the event with a group of friends and had been drinking while at the event. Prior to leaving for the evening, he made arrangements to have someone pick him up so that he was sure to have a sober driver to take him home later.

Unfortunately, when the night came to an end, the victim contacted the person who was supposed to be picking him up and was told that the individual was no longer able to pick him up as they were having car trouble. An ex-girlfriend of the victim happened to be at the same event and she offered to drive him home. The victim agreed to go with her but unfortunately, he did not make it home that evening.

The victim and his ex-girlfriend were involved in a car accident and John passed away at the scene. The victim’s wife had not attended the event with him, and when she woke up in the morning, she discovered her husband had never come home.

She was contacted by someone who worked at a local emergency room to let her know that her husband’s body had been brought to the hospital and that he passed away the night before from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

How the Surviving Spouse Contacted the Team

The victim’s wife called an attorney with whom she had worked with on an unrelated family law problem in the past, and she told that attorney the details of the accident, including that her husband was a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone else under the influence of alcohol. The other attorney referred her to the attorneys more familiar with these cases, and that is how she came to be a client.

Details about the Toledo Accident

In the Toledo wrongful death car accident case study, there were two parties involved in the car wreck. Fortunately, both parties were in-state when the wreck occurred. The only way that an out of state resident’s involvement would influence this particular case could have been if the accident had happened outside the State of Ohio.

Since that was not the case, and since everyone involved was an Ohio resident, everything was governed by Ohio law.

The accident occurred on a public roadway and caused the death of the client’s spouse.

Contact an Attorney Today

While everyone trusts that drivers on the road adhere to the standard of car they owe others, that does not prevent tragedy from striking. For the wrongful death car accident case study, tragedy struck at the core of the client’s family. If you feel as though your loved one suffered and passed due to the action of another, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to an experienced attorney today to begin your case review.

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