When car crashes occur, there are times where the injuries victims sustain are grave and irrecoverable. For the Toledo case, the client had lost someone precious to her: her husband. Documenting injuries in the Toledo wrongful death case proved invaluable in settlement negotiations for the client.

While nothing could ever replace what the victim had lost, the compensation she received was enough to help with the costs associated with losing her loved one.

If you feel as though your accidents and losses were caused by the negligence of another, you need to consider reaching out to an experienced attorney who could review your claim and take the steps necessary to move forward toward recovery.

Injuries and Trauma Defined

The definition of an injury is any physical or psychological impairment that causes an individual damage. That damage could be in the form of medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or loss of a relationship with a family member or friend whom victims had relied upon.

Some attorneys define trauma as any type of injury that is significant, including a cut or laceration, that punctures the skin and requires a stitch or some type of medical closure, any broken bones, and any significant psychological injury requiring therapy or medication. For the victim, documenting injuries in the Toledo wrongful death case proved invaluable in calculating compensation needed.

Documented Injuries in the Toledo Wrongful Death Case

In the Toledo case, the victim sustained a fractured neck, which resulted in his death. In this specific incident, there was no treating physician, as the victim died as a result of his injuries at the scene of the accident. The coroner’s office examined the body and declared the time of death.

To document the injuries, a death certificate was completed per the State of Ohio rules and there was also documentation that was made when the body was transported to the hospital. This helped the client’s attorneys reduce the subrogation interest of health insurance companies that were looking for reimbursement. The team had to prove the time of death. In some instances, an estate has to repay health insurance claims in wrongful death cases. In this case, attorneys did not have to repay any health insurance claims or outstanding medical bills because of the documentation from the emergency room showing that the victim was dead on arrival. Indeed, documenting injuries in the Toledo wrongful death case was a necessary step for the client in this case.

Contact an Experienced Defense Attorney Immediately

Car crashes are often accompanied by injuries and traumas that victims endure for as much time is required for those wounds to heal. However, there are times where car wrecks lead to wrongful deaths. For the client in Toledo, documenting injuries in the Toledo wrongful death case proved exceptionally critical for court.

The victim’s surviving spouse was able to enlist the help of an attorney who gathered the evidence needed from a coroner’s office and began drafting a case against the negligent parties involved.

If you have lost a loved one in a car wreck, or in a similar manner to the Toledo wrongful death case, you need to contact an attorney who could help you. Attorneys experienced with wrongful death claims could prove valuable in a number of ways. Attorneys could ensure you adhere to the statute of limitations, present cases against negligent parties, negotiate in settlements (if needed), and take a claim further to court.

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