Ohio Defective Furnaces Causing Carbon Monoxide

Here at the Charles Boyk Law Offices, our Ohio carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers have been successful in handling cases that involve a furnace that is defective. A furnace that is not functioning properly because it is in disrepair, broken, or damaged can produce a deadly amount of carbon monoxide fumes. If someone is injured as the result of carbon monoxide exposure they may be legally entitled to file a lawsuit against their landlord, the property owner, heating company, or another party for their poison injuries.

Property Owners’ Responsibility to Inspect for Carbon Monoxide Leaks

One of the components in a furnace is called the heat exchange. This device is what actually creates the warm air. Over the heat exchange’s lifetime it will expand and contract thousands of times and can actually crack or condensation exhaust can collect on it causing rust holes in the exchanger. When it fails for one of these reasons, it can actually release the poisonous gas carbon monoxide. The fumes can cause severe injuries or even death.

Oftentimes a landlord will rent to another party without a thorough inspection of the heat exchanger and furnace. Simple, regular inspections can help to prevent this by identifying if there are any problems with the furnace. When a defect is seen, it can be repaired quickly to avoid the harm that could come out of a broken furnace.

The attorneys at our office are able to investigate carbon monoxide poisoning cases in which a property has been rented with no inspection of the furnace prior to the move-in. In these cases, the tenant or a visitor got carbon monoxide poisoning because of the defective furnace or heat exchanger. When this occurs, the gas company will ‘red tag’ the unit until someone comes out and makes the proper repairs. Sadly, by the time that this happens injury or possibly death have already occurred as a result of the defective furnace.

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