Steps to Take Following a Bus Accident in Toledo

Bus accidents can be very scary. When you see them highlighted in the news, the outcome is usually unfortunate. Whether it is a school bus accident or a charter bus, there are a lot of people that are involved that may suffer injuries or fatalities. However, there are crucial steps to take following a bus accident in Toledo.

Our diligent bus accident attorneys have represented people of various bus accidents and know the different institutions and agencies involved with this type of accident. Our number one priority is always the injured person, and we help guide them to a settlement that is deserved.

Types of Bus Accidents

There are several causes for bus accidents and it is crucial to understand the steps that must be taken after experiencing one in Toledo. Whether it is a negligent driver or a defective vehicle, the end result may still be tragic. It is very important for bus charter companies or school districts to regularly maintain these vehicles because one bad bus part can lead to several injured victims.

The different types of commercial bus groups include, among others:

  • Charter buses
  • Public transportation
  • Party buses
  • Casino buses
  • Bar shuttles
  • Hotel shuttles
  • Traveling sports buses

If you were a passenger on any of these types of buses and the vehicle was involved in an accident causing injury to yourself or a loved one, call one of our diligent bus accident attorneys to help you understand your options.

Utmost Duty of Care

Even if the bus company was not at fault in the accident, they still are bound to deliver “the utmost duty of care,” which comes with being a common carrier. With such responsibility of the bus company, we advise you to take the step to seek legal representation to properly handle your case and file a claim following a Toledo bus accident. The claims involved with bus accidents that may involve public or governmental agencies can be very confusing, making it imperative to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

The Claims Process

A person injured in a bus accident has to deal with various entities, such as bus company owners, insurance companies, Esurance companies, bus-operating firms, and other companies in the bus and charter industry. Our lawyers know how to properly deal with all involved and will file your claim correctly, taking the worry from you.

You deserve damages for any injuries sustained. Call our experienced lawyers to begin the legal claims process and understand the steps to take following a bus accident in Toledo. You can also order a copy of The Ohio Accident Book to have further information on hand.

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  • Steps to Take Following a Bus Accident in Toledo