Types of Bicycles in Toledo

Both the federal government and the State of Ohio have taken the time to legally define what a bicycle is. As far as the law is concerned, a bicycle includes practically every wheeled vehicle that is capable of being peddled and propelled by human power, even if it has more than two wheels. People can get more information on the types of bicycles in Toledo with a skilled personal injury attorney.

Common Outdoor Bikes

Although there are numerous styles, there are five basic types of bicycles in Toledo on the market today, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, cruisers, and BMX bikes. Road bikes are primarily built for pavement riding. They often have smooth, narrow tires and are not usually durable or comfortable enough to ride off-road. BMX bikes (bicycle motocross) are popular with youth. These are sport bikes that can ride on or off-road and are often use for racing and stunts. Mountain bikes are primarily built for off-road use on rugged terrain. Most mountain bikes have shock absorbers or suspension systems and are built to be very durable.

Casual Bicycles

Hybrid bikes are designed to combine elements of both road bikes and mountain bikes. They can be ridden on the road or off-road. They are popular for casual riding, bike trails, and short distance commuting.

Cruiser bikes are designed for casual riding. They focus on comfort and using have large seats, wider tires, and upright handlebars. Some have fenders and chain guards. Many kids’ bikes are cruiser-type bikes.

With respect to each of the major types of bicycles in Toledo, the federal government has set out numerous consumer protection regulations governing their design and manufacture.  Following is an overview of some of the regulated major components of a bike.

Bike Frame

The frame is the skeleton of a bike and one of the most critical parts.  Frames come in different sizes and are constructed with different materials.  The most common frame materials are steel (high tensile), chromoly steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. Steel is the most commonly used material in bike frames. Steel is generally strong, but it is heavy. It is also more prone to bending or cracking than other materials. Chromoly is a light, strong steel alloy. Chromoly is stronger, more flexible and lighter than plain steel, but still heavier than other material.

Aluminum is light and strong. However, it is very stiff and does not absorb shock as well. Titanium is an expensive material that is lighter than steel but just as strong. It flexes well and absorbs shock better than other materials. Carbon fiber is another expensive material found on high-end bikes. It is very light and strong. However, it tends to be brittle. Regardless of the material, federal regulations require that bike frames undergo stringent testing and be capable of withstanding various levels of force without fracturing or deforming.

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