Tiffin Child Bike Accident Lawyer

Children riding bicycles on neighborhood streets are in common play areas should not be considered negligent if they are involved in an accident with a vehicle. Motorists have the responsibility to drive with caution through places of high traffic when it comes to children playing, especially on their bicycles.

Children under the age of seven cannot be found negligent under Ohio law because they are generally unable to understand the consequences that can come from their actions. If a motorist does not drive with the proper care through areas where children are likely to be present and they then injure a child in an accident, a lawsuit may be filed against the motorist.

Call a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Such child injuries are oftentimes life-changing. They may affect a child’s ability to perform physical tasks, or they can also traumatize the child emotionally. The accident also affects more people than just the child, but also parents and other family members. When such accidents occur, care is often given by parents, siblings, and other relatives.

If your child has been injured in an accident while riding their bicycle, contact a Tiffin child bike accident lawyer. Our team can help your family get through this difficult situation, while obtaining the best possible settlement for your injured child.

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